• AI@Edge: Powering Solutions for Safer Communities

    AAEON worked closely with a leading developer of AI solutions in China to find a solution to meet their needs. The BOXER-8120AI was selected for the advantages it provided over competitors, as well as how AAEON service puts our customers ahead.

    • NVIDIA Jetson TX2 SoC, compatible with frameworks including TensorFlow, Caffe2, and more.

    • Rugged, fanless design, with wide operating temperature range

    • Standard equipped and customizable software protection

    • OEM/ODM services to ensure product is delivered to market reliably and on time

  • Moving Station Surveillance Systems Forward with AAEON AI Technology

    The VPC-5600S network video recorder (NVR) combined with AAEON's AI Core X module featuring Intel Movidius Myriad X is the best solution. This powerful system provided the developers wide reaching vision with support for six network or cloud based IP cameras and smart PoE control. The system is designed for AI edge computing, meaning it can still operate and provide security even when not connected to the internet or external cloud networks. AI Core X with Intel Myriad X provides the intelligence for smart security, alerting security staff in real time with virtual fence applications, while also avoiding false alarms thanks to behavioral analysis. Finally, powerful video management software allows security staff to see both video feed and AI analysis in real time on their monitors.

  • License Plate Recognition: Driving Smart Parking with AI@Edge Solutions

    The BOXER-8120AI embedded AI@Edge system is powered by NVIDIA Jetson TX2, featuring a hexacore SOC and supporint up to 256 CUDA cores, providing the power needed to operate at the edge. Its fanless design and rugged construction can handle almost any environment. Its rich compliment of I/O features provides flexibility and support to power various applications.

  • AI@Edge: AI Vision in Automated Optical Inspection

    Working closely with the company, AAEON helped determine the best solution to be the powerful BOXER-6841M with AI Core XP8. The BOXER-6841M is a powerful system built for heavy-duty machine vision tasks. Together with the AI Core XP8, a PCIe [x4] card featuring eight Intel Movidius Myriad X VPUs, the system is a high-performance AI platform capable of handling the most demanding of visual applications, including AOI. With this powerful system, the company is able to provide manufacturers with a solution that can quickly adapt to new product lines, learn new faults and defects, and be quickly deployed to any industrial setting.